GraceArts Masterclass

Acting Freedom and Ease

There will be a masterclass this Saturday from 3:30-5pm at the GraceArts dance studio. Pedro will focus on his approach to acting and relieving the actor from the pressures of live performance. The Meisner acting technique and Practical Aesthetics will both be covered. Due the material, this class may not be best for the young ones, unless they have stage experience in a leading role.

NO MATERIAL is required to participate; there will be plenty to do!

In the second part of the workshop, we will use with the following sides. In the PDF below, memorize or at least familiarize yourself with ONE part from either short scene. We will NOT be using these in the context of the show, so you can learn either part!

There will hopefully be time for Q&A at the end, and ALL are welcome to ask questions.

This masterclass is free, but donations are always accepted! (You can use the “Donate!” button at the bottom of the page.)

NOTE: The form automatically adds a participant. If you wish to only spectate, please be sure to remove it.